Facilitator Meet and Greet: The First of Many Facilitator Excursions

This weekend was the start of an exciting position for select juniors and seniors as they climbed the RYLA leadership ladder to the Facilitator position! As Facilitators, they are tasked with leading a group of 5-6 Sophomore Rylarians over the course of our Spring RYLA Conference alongside their Co-Facilitator. This process allows them to grow their leadership skills including: communication, adaptiveness, and public speaking. Each of the 10 Senior Leaders will be mentoring 2-3 of these Co-Facilitator pairings, and as mentors, will provide support, advice and lead them as they take on this new position.

On Saturday, December 4th, the Senior Leaders held their first event with the facilitators- Meet and Greet! The facilitators participated in activities focused on building trust, improving communication skills, and simply getting to know one another. The most exciting moment of the event, however, was revealing their respective co-facilitator pairings and Senior Leader mentors. Each pair was given time to bond and get to know one another. Although the conference is months away, facilitators are traditionally revealed early in order to allow them to establish this dynamic and ensure a smooth experience for all spring Rylarians.

The Senior Leaders are eager to take advantage of the ample time they have with their Facilitators and plan to hold many events, zooms and other opportunities to allow the Facilitators not only to lead in this role, but to grow as well. One of the most exciting upcoming events for the Facilitators will be the Facilitator training weekend.Held in early April, prior to the Spring RYLA Conference, this training weekend will provide the Facilitators with all the necessary tools to incorporate everything they have learned through their unique RYLA experiences to lead their Rylarians the weekend following. The Senior Leaders, Alumni Committee, and Adult Committee are all very excited to watch the Facilitators grow in their position and can’t wait to see them in action as the next generation of RYLA District 7255!

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