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The End of Your Comfort Zone


Develop as a youth leader and take a chance to become more than you ever thought you could be. Develop your leadership skills as you learn new state of the art leadership tactics.


RYLA has fostered an environment where students feel comfortable learning new skills in leadership, communication, conflict resolution and so much more!


Have a unique chance to receive practical experience leading individuals from all walks of life as you receive mentorship from world class leaders.


Opportunities For Sophomores

The RYLA District 7255 program traditionally begins when students who are in their sophomore year of high school! Spring RYLA is our main event each year which is tailored for our first time RYLArian participants. In order for students to attend they must fill out an application which opens every year in September. Once they receive an acceptance their RYLA journey with us begins! Our Spring weekend is three days in Riverhead where students are really exposed to RYLA for the first time. Together, in groups, they will navigate different aspects of leadership training and development. After this weekend, the work is not over... in fact it has just begun. Starting in the early summer our committee begins hosting a variety of day events to keep our RYLA community connected. As sophomores students have the ability to attend these one day events to continue getting to know their peers. In August our 9 day retreat in Massachusetts is held. Students can attend and get more detailed lessons on personal leadership development from the experts. We are an all year operation that works to continue developing from retreat to retreat. Following this Rylarian year, students have the opportunity to continue in the program as juniors and apply to be program facilitators. 

Spring RYLA Rylarian Application

Spring RYLA will be held from April 29 - May 1.

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