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Yean Franco-Marin


Yean has been involved with RYLA since participating as a RYLArian during his sophomore year of high school in 2014. He was fortunate enough to serve on the committee of 2015-16 as a Senior Leader. He gratefully served as Alumni Chair for the RYLA 7255 Organizational Committee from 2020-23. During his time in the role of Alumni Co-Chair, Yean helped jumpstart many new initiatives. His focus was primarily administrative tasks, curriculum development, applications systems, and mentorship. Investing in the students he mentors is his number one priority. Yean has a B.S in Media/Communications, and a M.A in Higher Education/Student Affairs from New York University. Now he works full time with students as an Administrator at SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology. His dedication to RYLA has existed since day 1, not missing a single major event since 2014. He has come back to volunteer every year since graduating high school. Although he has always been an outgoing leader, Yean credits RYLA with helping him hone in on the kind of leader he wants to be. He truly credits RYLA, and his work with the Senior Leader Committee, for inspiring his career path. Yean hopes to continue to grow in RYLA as he steps into the District Chairperson role. Within this role, he hopes to reimagine a lot of what RYLA 7255 does, and wants to continue improving/modernizing the program. More importantly he can't wait to help all future generations of RYLA get the transformative experience he received!


Yean Franco-Marin
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