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Invest in the Future

Organizing RYLA events takes time, money and the efforts of many. In order to keep this program and our events running smoothly, we need your help! Upon donating to RYLA you are benefitting hundreds of high school students in grades 10-12 by allowing them to gain valuable leadership experience, self growth, and a desire to help others. RYLA is a student-led leadership program where students come in as Rylarians in 10th grade, and can go onto different leadership roles as they grow throughout the duration of the program. Following Rylarian comes Facilitator, and following Facilitator comes Senior Leader. You must complete an application to become a Facilitator, and if you choose to continue onto Senior Leader, there is an extensive application and interview process. Through this cycle, we maintain a student-led program and instill life long lessons that make our students the greatest leaders of tomorrow. Donating allows us to give these students the amazing experiences of RYLA for many years to come! 

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