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Welcome Rotarians!

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Often the RYLA Committee is asked by Rotarians, How can we become more involved?

How can our Club help?  Here are the answers to your much appreciated questions!

Each year the RYLA Committee works hard to execute a program curriculum for hundreds of high schoolers across the district. Our "Spring RYLA Conference" serves as the introductory event for most High School Sophomores as to what RYLA truly is.

Their practical leadership experience and personal character development training, workshops, and seminars will then continue as they climb the leadership ladder within RYLA.

We continue to expand the program each year. For instance, this past year we rolled out our "Seasonal Conferences" and have incorporated a more active Alumni Association, which has proved to be most effective in reaching our high school Rylarians.

We are encouraging all Rotarians this year to purchase a Tee-Sign to help sponsor this conference and allow the program to continue to reach new heights!

It is because of your support that we have been able to keep the conference price for our new Sophomore participants at $10 throughout the years!

(Yes! That's the price they pay for the entire weekend!)

While Rotarians are always asking how they can help, parents are always asking us how our RYLA is so successful and our answer to this question is ALL OF YOU! Without your support we as a Rotary District would not be able to walk along the service and leadership journey with so many youth across the district. 

We would also like to invite all Rotarians to come see RYLA in action! If you would like to come visit us (including, our over 200 teen participants!) during the Spring conference please e-mail

We thank you in advance for your continued support of RYLA!

Sponsor Spring RYLA!
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Thank you for sponsoring Spring RYLA!

Interested in volunteering at Spring RYLA 2024?

Spring RYLA is typically held in April at the Dorothy P. Flint 4-H Camp in Riverhead, with over 200 teens in attendance. Please contact us at if you are interested in volunteering.

Sponsor Spring RYLA
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