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The Facilitator Year

What is being a Facilitator all about?

After a student completes their Rylarian year as a sophomore, our student leaders have the opportunity to take on a role like no other. As Facilitators, we give our juniors the chance to co-lead a group of first year participants. Being a facilitator is an immense responsibility because they set the tone for our brand new first year students. Within the role, students have the responsibility of guiding a group of 10 sophomores through a traditional Spring RYLA weekend. With this position students will gain experience in teamwork, public speaking, and group discussion facilitation. Our application is open to juniors and seniors! We welcome anyone who is willing to step out of their comfort zone! 

Interested in becoming a Facilitator?

If you are interested in continuing your leadership journey in RYLA, becoming a Facilitator may be the right fit for you! Fill out the interest form below to stay updated on our Facilitator programming! Have any questions? Let us know at

Facilitator Interest Form

Thanks for submitting!

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