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The Facilitator Year

What does it mean to be a Facilitator?

The Facilitator Year is the most formidable experience for RYLA participants. Facilitators have the chance to take what they've learned from their RYLA journey and begin applying it in the real-world while receiving guidance and mentorship from the RYLA team.

The first step in the Facilitator Year is to accomplish the 3 steps below, demonstrating your commitment to service and engagement in the RYLA program. This will grant you access to the Facilitator application. Following the Facilitator selection process Facilitators will work on additional skills through training and development concluding at Spring RYLA 2025.

For more specific dates please access the document below "The Facilitator Year Timeline".

Facilitator Interest Form

Thank you for sharing your interest!


RYLA Engagement


Perspective Facilitators are expected to remain engaged within the RYLA Community. The best way to do this is to join us for Summer RYLA, which will build upon your Spring RYLA experience and prepare you for the next steps along your RYLA journey.

Register for Summer RYLA here!

Other engagement opportunities will be available throughout the year including Fall RYLA in October (Dates TBA). To learn more about these events please contact Jesse Mayreis.


Summer Service Project

At Summer RYLA we will work with all perspective Facilitators to design a Summer Service Project. Perspective Facilitators will then complete the project and publish a press release about the project! Those unable to attend Summer RYLA will have access to a make-up project development workshop, which will prepare perspective Facilitators for their project and press release!

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Rotary Engagement


RYLA wouldn't be possible without the support of our Rotary District 7255. We ask that all perspective Facilitators meet with their local Rotary Club to speak about their RYLA experience! Be sure to take a picture with the Club President!

Looking for a Rotary Club? Click here!

Rotary Clubs are happy to welcome RYLA participants to their meetings and are enthusiastic about the next generation of service leaders. Most meetings will include lunch or breakfast and offer the opportunity to perspective Facilitators to speak about what RYLA means to them.

If you need help finding a club or preparing for your meeting contact Jesse Mayreis!

Once you have completed the three steps above please submit the form below which will include a picture of you with your Rotary Club President and a link to your Summer Service Project press release. This will grant you access to the Facilitator Application once it is open!

Facilitator Application Access

What questions do you have?

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Please contact Jesse Mayreis, who leads our Facilitator experience with any questions you may have. He will be your main point of contact throughout the year.

Jesse Mayreis, Alumni Chair

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